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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taken by the Wind Original Painting & Fine Art Prints by PMILLER

This framed original painting is part of my Inspiration Series and has a gallery retail of $1600.00. As part of my "economy stimulus sale" its listed on ebay for $199.00 WOW! She feels the power of the wind, lifting her up and filling her with passion. She's "Taken by the Wind".

The original painting is on Taken by the Wind Framed Original Paintingand you can purchase fine art prints at
Taken by the Wind Fine Art Print


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Biggest Motivation?

"My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself. I see life almost like one long university education that I never had - every day I'm learning something new. Plus, fantasizing about the future is one of my favorite pastimes." -Richard Branson

Right now I am working on the new design of my website. I should be able to announce it and have folks give me their thoughts over the next few weeks. This month my goals are to do some much needed clean up on all my websites and to work on a ton of new paintings that are waiting for me to eithor photo or finish up. So in the next few months look for new artworks to be going up. As I mentioned before I am running promotions on ebay and in my etsy store Have a wonderful evening!

Wanna Cuddle? Calico Kitten ACEO by PMILLER

Wanna cuddle? I know this cute little kitten does! I did this miniature painting for a challenge in my animal loving artists group.

Wanna Cuddle

art card, cat, animal, abstract, original, kitten

The Present Dog Art Original ACEO by PMILLER

I did this painting because I think everyone deserves to get a dog as a present at least once in their life. This is an original ACEO and my little puppy is all wrapped up and ready to go home with you!

The Present

animal, dog, art card, still life, purples, swirls

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Dream Home on Urban Lifestyle Decor

I love ultra modern decor. To give you an example of my taste, here are a few pictures of the decor in my home with some of my paintings.




I just decided to follow when I came across this fabulous home designed by Richard Meier. That is my idea of what my house should look like! WOW! Here's a link to his site if you are interested in seeing more of his designs.

Richard Meier

My Dream House-The Douglass House by Richard Meier

urban decor,modern decor,modern art,richard meier,pmiller,original paintings,abstract art,contemporary art

I'll be visiting Urban Lifestyle Decor often.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fairy Fantasy ACEO Original Painting by PMILLER

Here's a new fantasy feature ACEO of a little fairy admiring her wings. This is a favorite of mine..

"My Wings Are Growing"
Buy Original Painting Here

woman, modern, abstract, butterfly, lines

Friday, July 17, 2009

More Happy Hour Sunset Paintings by PMILLER

We are rolling back prices as our "economic stimulus special" to our prices back in 2006. WOW!! My Happy Hour Series has actually one two awards. The first was on Ebay Art in Summer 2006 and the second was the 2007 Landscape Calendar Awards at Artwanted. So here's our specials for this lovely Friday night:)

Happy Hour Prince Fredrick Original Painting

The picture doesn't do this one justice as the sky is blazing with coppers, blues, pinks and violet.

abstract, dock, original, seascape

Fall Happy Hour Embellished Giclee (Original Sold!)

This one is a very nice landscape or side street painting with lots of interesting colors, beautiful trees and playfully I made the street violet to give it a joyful, serene feeling.

abstract, road, trees, buildings, original

Once and Future City Original Painting or Print by P Miller

Here is a stunning cityscape painting done in deep rich purples, pinks, and bold bright blues with my signature metallic acrylics as well. It's influenced by the asian cities of tokyo and japan which I would love to see. This painting is part of my acclaimed, "Urban Jungle" Series. The original is available for purchase at Once and Future City Original Painting or you can purchase the fine art print at Once and Future City Fine Art Print

original paintings,abstract art,collectable art,Urban Abstract Impressionism,urban art,urban jungle,original painting,original art,maryland,modern art,asian cityscape,landscape painting

Artscape 2009

I have been attending Artscape for many years and I always find artists that I love to buy from there. The food and performances are always a blast. Last year I tried the fried was surprisingly good haha...hope to see you there..

artscape article

A Night At The Museum- Something Fun in DC

Looking for something fun and artsy? Spend the evening in one of DC's best modern art galleries. The Hirshhorn has always been my favorite stop when visiting the museums in DC! Looks like now you can not only see great art but have a blast in the evening there...

click hereto read the article.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cherry Crush Fine Art Prints and Posters

She's a confident, modern, business woman and her business is seduction. Fine art and poster prints available for purchase. The original will be available shortly on Miller Modern Art

Purchase Cherry Crush


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Calico Kitten Cat Art by PMILLER ACEO Original

Looking for a great affordable gift?

Catch It, Cleo! ACEO Calico Kitten

cat, animal, abstract, original, calico

Hope you like her! I love this little kitten and won't be disappointed if she never sells:)

Funny Dog Art ACEO Original Painting by PMILLER

The Jester Original ACEO miniature painting

This little beagle is so cute! He's dressed in his outfit to amuse any "lord" or "lady" of the manor. Makes a great gift and affordable at $15.99 when they are normally $25.00+

animal, dog, art card, clown, jester, abstractanimal, dog, art card, clown, jester, abstract

SALE ON EBAY Sunset Seascapes Landscape Paintings by PMILLER

My acclaimed 'Happy Hour Series" paintings and embellished giclees will be going on sale over the next few weeks.

The Happy Hour series is where you will find Pamela’s landscapes, seascapes and cities when the sun is setting. All of these paintings are created with traditional and metallic paints in the palette of a sunset. Many collectors describe her Happy Hour Series as having a hypnotic effect because as the day transitions into night, the paintings change. They go from light, airy golds into deep, rich coppers. Happy Hour is when you begin to feel at peace, kick your feet up, sip wine and enjoy the beauty of a transition into night. We hope her paintings will make you think fondly of your favorite sunset adventure.

Happy Hour Embellished Giclee

seascapes, boats, acrylic, canvas, original

Beautiful Sailboats anchored at sunset make this one a popular choice. It is also one of the few Limited Editions (1000), I am doing.

Happy Hour Maryland Ave Embellished Giclee

abstract, buildings, road, original, acrylic

Fun cityscape of Maryland Ave. in Annapolis MD. Has beautiful trees and architectural qualities!


abstract, acrylic, trees, nature, water

The simmering bright crystal blue waters and playful trees make this one a favorite painting of mine. It's also very large 30 x 40, so it commands attention.

Thanks For Looking!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Siren's Song Fine Art Prints and Posters by PMILLER

Here's a new offering from my "Inspiration Series". The original and hand-embellished giclee prints are still available and will be listed at a later date on my website Miller Modern Art.

"Siren's Song"


This bold, beauty calls to you. She captivates with a glance. Based on the old tale of fishermen being lured to their deaths. She radiates romance, love and danger. These fine art prints and posters make a wonderful gift and come in several sizes. You can purchase them at Siren's Song Fine Art Prints and Posters