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Monday, December 7, 2009

A Twist in Tale...

My painting "Dragon Tail Twist" is featured in this lovely treasury on etsy. This painting is a steal at only $99.00. To view "A Twist in Tale" on Etsy and see the other items featured visit Etsy Treasury


This painting is part of an older series called "Kung Foo Circles". I have always admired martial arts and Asian mythology, primarily because of the themes. True Love, Perseverance and Self Sacrifice, Good Deeds and Rebellion against Oppression all are embodied in the martial arts and in the myths of many Asian countries. One belief that is a common thread in Pamela’s Kung Foo Circle Series is that animals have human qualities and fighting styles that we mere humans long to possess. For example, in order to survive in the wild, animals evolved natural fighting skills and in martial arts it is believed that emulating these skills will assist in helping one to prevail in combat. It is also believed that certain animals have human qualities we all desire. Butterflies can bring flight and longevity. Tigers are graceful, powerful and deadly. Dragons have supernatural powers and deep wisdom.